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Product Name:  Single Sway Bar for GM A-Body
Part #: AWOL101
Price: $403.20
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  Description: If you have plans to run as quick as mid 8's or slower in the 1/4 mile we recommend our Single Sway Bar (see note*). Made of strong 1 1/4 x .375"wall Cromoly tubing. The arms are laser cut out of 1/8 Cromoly plate and completely Heli-Arc welded to the main sway bar. Our sway bar rides on machined aluminum bushings for solid control and long life. Each bushing is lubricated thru the grease fitting already installed.


Increases 60ft times on average of .10 sec. Customer's have reported 60ft times as quick as 1.26 with our single sway bar!

Our Sway Bar is not just for people wanting to push their cars into the 8's and lower. Mustangs running 12's in the 1/4 mile have shown outstanding improvements in 60ft and ET, while not sacrificing street manners and drivability.

TECH NOTE: The addition of a REAR SWAY BAR designed specifically for drag racing greatly improves the adjustability and control of your rear suspension. Our REAR SWAY BAR is welded between your stock frame rails and is connected to your rear end with spherical rod ends. Unlike most stock sway bars, which are attached with rubber bushings or to the suspension control arms. The attachment with the spherical rod ends ties directly the sway bar into both sides or the rear end housing.

What our REAR SWAY BAR allows you to do is treat your stock suspension more like a true drag race suspension. The additional benefit of the spherical rod ends is the ability to apply preload into your suspension.

(*single sway bar note) our single sway bar Will get your car down the track as fast as possible, but the consistency of your machine may suffer if you plan on running faster than 8.40's. That is why we recommend going to our double sway bar setup, it enables you to work one bar against the other to totally eliminate any body roll.

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