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Product Name:  Mustang SFI 25.5 Roll Cage Kit
Part #: MWOL500-25.5
Price: $2,983.00
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  Description: SFI 25.5 Mustang Roll Cage Kit

Full Roll Cage Kit legal from 7.50 to 8.49 seconds in the 1/4 mile

SFI Specification applies to: Full Bodied Car Stock or Modified/OEM Floorpan and Firewall with OEM Frame on Uni-Body Construction,  7.50 to 8.49 seconds E.T.: 3600lbs Maximum

NHRA required starting Jan 2005 or if you exceed 180mph during 2004


  • Full Roll Cage for your Specific Body Type
  • Funny Car Cage
  • X-Door Bars, Roof Diagonal and Corner Gussets
  • Thru-Floor Subframe Connectors
  • Additional under floor tubing to meet 25.5 specifications (will require fitting during install)
  • Rear Bars: Over Rear Seat or X Rear bars, or Both
  • Additional tubing provided to tie funny car cage into sub-frames and floor
  • Driver & Passenger Rocker Bar
  • Straight Dash Bar or our Heater Dash Bar (provides additional clearance under dash for Misc items)
  • Jig Notched (Hold & Weld Installation) Description click here.
  • Window Net Kit

Side bars follow along roof and down a-pillars and through dash. Dash can be reinstalled. Removal of some items behind dash is be necessary.

Installation: Requires removal of seats, interior plastic and carpet, & the Dash will need to be removed for installation. Welds to Subrame connectors along with plates (depends on location) (per NHRA requirements). Welding is required as well as some cutting of floor and behind the dash.

Material: 1 5/8" x .083" 4130 Cromoly Tubing, 1 1/4" x .058" 4130 Cromoly Tubing, 3/4" x 058" 4130 Cromoly Tubing, Subframes - 2x2 Square & 2x3 Rectangle

Weight: 140-145 lbs

Shipping: Ships Truck Freight