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Install / Tech Photo's
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Mini Tub Kit

Will fit a 29.5x10.5nonW on a 12" wheel as well as a 315/60/15 Drag Radial on a 12" rim. May require rearend modifications and possible other modifications as well, depending on the wheel and tire combination you plan on using. Will provide 16" from outer fender lip to inner tub wall. Will also require interior plastic to be modified.

These are preliminary photo's taken during the process of making patterns. The kit will include plates to cap off the frame, as well as the optional Adjustable Upper Spring Mount, which will mount a smaller diameter Coil-Over spring in the stock location.

Note: Panhard Rod mount was temporarily removed in the photos to allow for easier fabrication of the kit. The panhard rod mount will be reinstalled and may require modifications based on your wheel and tire combination and placement.

Mini Tub Kit
Passenger Side
Drivers Side
Adjustable Upper Spring Mount